Holistic Education Towards A Holistic Life

Inspired By Excellence & Innovation

“Be part of Good Shepherd Schools where learning is wholesome and progressive”

Good Shepherd Schools impart “holistic education towards a holistic life”. Creating leaders to take responsibility is one of the core value of our education. While academic excellence is emphasised at every level, the focus is placed on universal values, ethics, discipline, creativity and personality development in the initial years, before shifting to academic achievement, skill development, leadership, entrepreneurial skills, and key competencies for vocational and career progression during the secondary and high school years.

At our Good Shepherd School, we realise that success in the contemporary world relies not just on cognisance, but also on creativity, skill development and the ability to explore. Which is why our Good Shepherd model is a truly innovative programme that uses an age-appropriate and adaptive approach to allow students to evolve as they grow into a holistic beings.

From 2012 to 2020 - 9 batches of grade X have appeared board examinations with 100% Results